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Sailing on Yacht at Fehmarn Beaches

Sailing on the yacht is good experience for the sailor to enjoy your travel vacation in the season. Yacht service providers’ offers different sizes of yacht to the sailors. You can book your tour at Fehmarn island and plan your vacation. There are 21 Yachts Charter & Rentals Service providers in Fehmarn Island.

The plenty of offer for Fehmarn is to get fun and get alive. The kitesurf trophy shows fantastic sport. At Fehmarn you can enjoy yacht sailing, horse riding ,fishing , surfing, and golf.   The island offers best opportunities to have fun and enjoyment. KiteSurf-Trophy event demonstrate a magnificent sport.

Further, fehmarns rural area turns into yellow and Glory Sea. Fehmarn is also famous for bird watchers, with 200 different types of species to blot on wallnau natural area on the west coast of islands .The area which covers 300 hectares, is so precious for ecologically in northern part of Germany.

Fehmarn have generally sloping shorelines and also broad, flaxen beaches for children and a famous choice of families and the group with accommodation from the farms of hotel, everyone is sure to have so much of fun and joy. 

Fehmarn's gently sloping shorelines and broad, sandy beaches are ideal for children and make the island a popular choice for families. With accommodation ranging from farms to hotels, everyone is sure to have a fun and relaxing break.

Fehmarn  2003 a town on the Baltic sea, off the  eastern coast and 18 km south. It belongs to ostholstein. Previously, the names of the islands are femera , fimbria , cimbria parva , and imbra. As a part of wagria it has been settled in the early middle ages. After their winning they were Germanized.

Fehmarn Island is located in Baltic Sea, which is located in the  Ostholstein region in the northern part of Germany, it is the  4th largest island covers 185 sq. km area  with 13 villages. Fehmarn Sound Bridge, is connect Fehmarn with road and railway.   It is best place to visit for the weekend. Seasoned sailors as well as yacht charter take the route to the southern part of the island, which are the most suitablemarina.

The climate of the Fuhrman is sunny and suitable for the sailors. The fehmare pool complex is located on south beach promenade, the main attraction of the Fehmarn Island are swimming pools, and saunas. 

The main places for visit to Island are its natural landscape, natural parks, the Meereszentrum Neptun,  the St. Jurgen Chapel,  the church of St. Nikolai etc.

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