Saturday, December 20, 2014

Royal Bombay Yatch Club

Sailing in Yatch in Mumbai was started in 1830 and the Bombay Yatch Club was founded in 1846. It was started withpout any office and operated through corporate office or Apollo Bunder and various other premises.

The Royal Bombay Yacht Club was established  in 1876 as governor of Bombay requested  her Majesty Queen Victoria  to start Bombay Yacht Club as Royal Bombay Yacht Club. It was established at Bombay Port Trust at Wellington Reclamation adjoining Marine Parade with 50 years on lease. Ar. John Adams was designed building and it was opened up in 1881 and building was completed in 1883.  It consist of Billard Room, Reading Room and many other facilities.

In 1894 The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty granted permission for the club to fly the blue Ensign of the Fleet with the distinctive marks of the Club on the fly thereof . The following year a similar concession, with certain riders, was granted to Yachts belonging to the Club.

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